We spend a lifetime celebrating firsts. Without a doubt, it’s a cause for celebration! Your first car. Your first date. Your first home. Your first child. Your first grandchild. As the current global pandemic is raging, a first in my lifetime, I wanted to take a minute to celebrate a couple of “firsts” for Choices Women’s Center.

Our center waited nearly two years for progress in Stafford. We tried different locations, considered a mobile unit, and had many round table discussions. Last month, after much prayer and hard work, we saw the first clients at our Stafford location. Our first day, we were able to help four clients. Our first post-abortive client met with the head of our post-abortive ministry. We saw two undecided clients who left letting us know they were going to parent. Finally, we had our first profession of faith at the new Stafford office. What a beautiful report for our first day!

It was evident that our “firsts” weren’t over yet. After eight years of being located on Stafford Avenue in Fredericksburg, we moved our primary facility to a larger, more prominent location in Southpoint. We worked to see the most abortion-vulnerable clients within the safety constraints due to COVID-19. Our clients last week were struggling like many others amid the chaos. We offered peace and hope, as we always strive to, but even more so in the pandemic. During these trying times, please remember to pray for the women and men we see here at Choices.

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