Two months ago, a young client came to Choices Women’s Center alone for a free pregnancy test and seeking the abortion pill (i.e., chemical abortion). Our nurse performed the test, and the results came back positive, but the client was too early for an ultrasound confirmation. This scenario is often a disadvantage for us because the client does not get to see and bond with her baby during the initial appointment. In this case, we gave her information, resources, and prayed with her before she left. She did not make an appointment for a return visit for ultrasound confirmation. We attempted to follow-up with a phone call, but no answer.

She finally called back last week to make a follow-up appointment. We were happy to find out she changed her mind about abortion a few weeks ago. When the nurse asked what changed her mind, she said she could not get something the nurse said out of her mind. It made her come to grips with the reality of a chemically induced abortion taking place at home.

During the previous appointment, the nurse went over the entire process of the abortion pill with her. The client had not realized that if she used the abortion pill, she would have to decide how to dispose of the remains. The client told our nurse, “I did not want to flush my baby down the toilet.”

We are pleased to report that she was given an ultrasound this week and was found to be carrying a beautiful 13-week old baby. She is planning to parent her child.

Praise God for the work He is doing in the lives of our clients, even when we have little to no knowledge of what is happening in their hearts after they leave. Together, we are making an impact for life in our community.