He would not be here if not for you.

Several months back, a Nigerian couple came to Choices. They were struggling with a positive pregnancy test on top of several other obstacles they were facing as recent immigrants without insurance. When they arrived at Choices, they found a listening ear, a helping hand, and a confirmation that their first child would soon enter the world. After hearing their needs, Choices’ staff quickly made a few calls to ministry partners for resources that would help this couple and their baby on the challenging road ahead.

It doesn’t happen often, but these particular clients returned last week, walking in with a beautiful 9-month-old baby boy. They proudly and excitedly introduced him to our staff, and in particular, the same nurse and volunteer consultant they met during their first appointment. They couldn’t have been more grateful for the services and love they received at Choices. Filled with hope, joy, and peace, they spoke of their upcoming plans to visit family back in Nigeria and introduce them to their son. Welcome to the world, baby Aiden.